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Cirleen Deblaere - Multiculturally Competent Counseling Approaches in International Schools

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AASSA Educators’ Conference 2012

Cirleen Deblaere

"Multiculturally Competent Counseling Approaches in International Schools"



Presenter Name:  Cirleen Deblaere


Presenter Contact Info--Email:                                                               



Presentation Description:  This presentation will focus on multiculturally competent counseling approaches relevant to students in international settings. A general model of helping as well as considerations for cross-cultural counseling (e.g., awareness of communication styles and values) will be discussed. In addition, specific approaches for addressing typical mental health concerns (e.g., anxiety) of students in international settings will be presented. The goal of this presentation is that participants gain knowledge about the role of the counselor in facilitating client change and specific cultural competencies needed in assessment and treatment of mental health concerns with this diverse population.


Date: Friday, March 16, 2012


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Presentater Bio:

Cirleen is an Assistant Professor of Counseling Psychology at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Her research interests include the examination of the experiences of individuals with multiple marginalized identities in the United States. Most recently, Dr. DeBlaere’s research has focused on the links of multiple and simultaneous forms of discrimination to the mental health of racial/ethnic minority women and sexual minority persons. With regard to her clinical work, Dr. DeBlaere is interested in multiculturally competent individual, couples, and group therapy with diverse individuals. She is particularly interested in issues of identity development, women’s issues, and grief/loss.


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