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Ian Jukes - Living on the Future Edge:  Windows on Tomorrow

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AASSA Educators’ Conference 2012

Ian Jukes

"Living on the Future Edge:  Windows on Tomorrow"



Presenter Name:  Ian Jukes


Presenter Contact Info--Email:                                                               

Website:   http://www.fluency21.com/


Presentation Description:  Today’s world is constantly on the move, and the rate at which it’s changing is so profound that you can’t trust your eyes to show you reality, because you're really seeing history. This presentation challenges your assumptions about the world we live in and the future we’re heading for by carefully examining the significance of several global exponential trends. Living on the Future Edge asks us to consider how these trends affect and will continue to affect our personal and professional lives, our children, our learning institutions, the nature of teaching and learning, and even our definition of intelligence. This presentation, based on the new book, Living on the Future Edge: Windows on Tomorrow from the 21st Century Fluency Project, is a compelling glimpse into the bold, dynamic future that awaits us all.


Date: Thursday, March 15, 2012


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Presenter Bio:

Ian has been a teacher, an administrator, writer, consultant, university instructor and keynote speaker. He is the Director of the InfoSavvy Group, an international consulting group that provides leadership and program development in the areas of assessment and evaluation, strategic alignment, curriculum design and publication, professional development, planning, change management, hardware and software acquisition, information services, customized research, media services, and on-line training as well as conference keynotes and workshop presentations.

Over the course of the past 10 years, Ian has worked with clients in more than 40 countries and made more than 9,000 presentations. He typically speaks to between 300,000 and 400,000 people a year. In August 2002 Consulting Magazine Online named him one of the top ten educational speakers in America.
Ian has written twelve books, 9 educational series and had more than 100 articles published in various journals. Ian is also the publisher and co-editor of the Committed Sardine Blog which is electronically distributed to more than 90,000 people in over 60 countries. He is also the creator and co-developer of TechWorks, the internationally successful K-8 technology framework, and was the catalyst of the NetSavvy and InfoSavvy information literacy series. He has been a Contributing Editor for several journals and magazines, and is the author of the books "Teaching the Digital Generation: No More Cookie Cutter High Schools" with Ted McCain and Frank S. Kelly, "Windows on the Future" with Ted McCain, and "Net.Savvy: Building Information Literacy for the Classroom". His most recent publications include "Understanding the Digital Generation: Teaching and Learning in the New Digital Landscape", "The Digital Diet: Today's Digital Tools in Small Bytes", and "Living on the Future Edge: Windows on Tomorrow". He is also working on the upcoming books "Literacy Is Not Enough: 21st Century Fluencies for the Digital Age", and "Getting it Right: Aligning Technology for 21st Century Learning".


Ian is an educator first and foremost. His focus has consistently been on the compelling need to restructure our educational institutions so that they become relevant to the current and future needs of children. His rambunctious, irreverent and highly-charged presentations and articles emphasize many of the practical issues related to ensuring that change is meaningful. As a registered educational evangelist, his self-avowed mission in life is to ensure that children are properly prepared for the future rather than society's past. As a result, his material tends to focus on many of the pragmatic issues that provide the essential context for educational restructuring.


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