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Deena Fontana Moraes Joy Broughton Robert Summers - Conflict Resolution Skills for the Global Citiz~

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AASSA Educators’ Conference 2012

Deena Fontana Moraes, Joy Broughton, & Robert Summers

"Conflict Resolution Skills for the Global Citizen"



Presenter Name:  Deena Fontana Moraes, Joy Broughton, & Robert Summers

School/Organization:  Pan American School of Bahia (Brazil)

Presenter Contact Info--Email:     altajoy@gmail.com , d.moraes@escolapanamericana.com                                                       

Website: http://prezi.com/ykjqtyv7ezcz/copy-of-conflict-resolution-for-the-global-citizen/


Presentation Description:  Conflict is a normal aspect of the Elementary school day.  However, as we navigate the now in order to design a more positive future, students must be empowered to resolve conflicts peacefully and independently. In this lesson, presenters will deliver a conflict resolution lesson which implements SIOP models of instruction.


Date: Saturday, March 17, 2012


Materials and resources: 

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