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Luis Costales Rediker Software Inc - Online Admissions: Sustainably Using the Net to Gather Schools

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AASSA Educators’ Conference 2012

Luis Costales, Rediker Software, Inc.

"Online Admissions: Sustainably Using the Net to Gather Schools"




Presenter Name:  Luis Costales

School/Organization: Rediker Software, Inc.

Presenter Contact Info--Email:                                                   



Presentation Description:  Before radar and GPS, navigating by charts and distant lights risked shipwreck. Educators today must jettison paper forms and haphazard contact, embrace technology and set a course toward stronger, “greener” schools. Streamline admissions with online inquiries, applications and recommendations. Automate enrollment, scuttle duplicate data entry, save money and conserve resources.


Date: Friday, March 16, 2012


Materials and resources: 


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